Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Night

After nearly 5 months living in California, I finally made my pilgrimage to In and Out Burger. Nine hours into our Memorial Day fun, I put my screaming friends in a cab and trekked (had my ass driven to) Daly City where I consumed an entire 4x4 burger (four patties) with cheese and grilled onions, french fries, and a chocolate milkshake.
I have never felt more alive (or looked scarier.) I even made sure I was facing East towards Mecca while eating.
Gates made me leave before I could make friends with the pack of Asian teenagers seated on our left. He's a bummer, but I like eating burgers with him.

Memorial Day at Doug's...

... Was a lot of fun. We had a potluck. As you can see, I LOVE potlucks.

These are my friends, Taylor and Julie. They will be unemployed soon. I think you should hire them.

Sam brought Cheese and I ate it all.

Memorial day was the first holiday/secular event/excuse to binge drink I have had off since moving to San Francisco. I decided to celebrate this momentous day in my new life by darting back into the Kenyon womb and surrounding myself with people I am already comfortable making an ass out of myself in front of.

Friday, May 22, 2009


...has been gone for a week and i miss her.
That is all.

Bernal Hill. one of my favorite things about my neighborhood. This is what it looked like at 8pm during the heat wave. Notice how I was about to get hit by a cab taking this photo. Mmmm margaritas.

I have the best roommates...

Last Saturday, Reba and Nick cooked me a power breakfast that enabled me serve almost a thousand scoops of ice cream. Not pictured above: PANCAKES.

I'm trying

to be open minded about this.

Julie and Laura think I'm a hater, and it may be true, but there's no way Kiptan didn't deserve that first impression rose more than the stuttering giant from Texas. I mean if you're going to play that way, at least give the foot fetish guy a chance.

By the way they should make a Bachelorette where all the characters have inconvienent, but not serious disorders. Then we could meet characters like Jason, an architect from Burlington Vermont who loves to cook and has adult ADD. Or Ryan from Colorado Springs, who likes hiking and boating, despite his battle with Chronic Fatigue syndrome.

Just an idea.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

By the way

I don't know if I've told all of you (and by 'all of you' I mean I pretend that people other than Julie and Aball read this) that I work in an ice cream shop. A bad-ass ice cream shop.

In three months...

... when I am profoundly overweight, I'll use pictures like this to remind myself of how it happened. This is a sampling of cookies that my co-worker Max brought into work.

Things not in this picture that are also on the table: salt water taffy, homemade cherry pie, and ice cream. Duh.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My houseplants...

are still alive. Surprised? Me too.
Taylor, Laura, and I went to see Damien Jurado tonight at Bottom of the Hill. The show was great, and he played "Ohio," which got us all slightly excited. Just slightly.

Listen to the album version here:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The hat

The gift that keeps on giving.

Party Train

Miss Julie has been on the party train lately. I'm a little worried that one night I'm going to find her passed out by the vacuum cleaner, white wine bottles littering the floor around her.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


My Mom came to visit me last week.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Like a kid in a...

These days, I have to mainline sugar. This was taken in the Sugar Bowl candy shop in the Marina. Usually I stay the fuck out of the Marina, but this place has delicious Turkish Delight, among its many tasty treats. The shopgirl, Vanessa, was really cool and we geeked out for a while about bacon flavored confectionery and working in "the dessert industry. " She came by the shop the following week for the Valrhona Fudgesicle.

The recession made me do it.

I shoplifted this scarf from the H&M in Union Square. My moral compass needs some adjusting.
Steal this too:

Fuck healthcare...

...I have a view.

I am a ...

...Huge dork.

I took a stroll around my neighborhood the other day...

And ended up here.
Bernal Hill. 94110.

Food Porn (I love California)

Easter Tuesday feast: this guy lived in Mill Valley.
My job is more delicious than your job.
Peppers at the Alemnay farmer's market...
Asparagus from Petaluma, purchased at the Ferry Building

As good a reason as any... start blogging again.

This was outside my place of business recently.